01/25/06 – Tour Update – Youngstown/Toledo OH

01/24/06 – Tour Update – Homestead/Pittsburgh PA
January 24, 2006
01/26/06 – Tour Update – Royal Oak/Ann Arbor MI
January 26, 2006
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We woke up in Youngstown OH to snow… it was pretty snowy but we forged ahead for our 12pm in-store.. small crowd but fun..  we then made the 200 mile drive to Toledo OH  we had a great turn out and cd sales.. but all I could think about was Michigan, my girlfriend Jenny, my family, and my bed!!

We rolled outta Toledo about 8:30pm and arrived near 10pm.. My mom greeted us and we stayed up chatting a bit.. so great to see her… then Jenny, my girl, came over and we hung out and talked… I got nearly 5 hours of sleep cause I was up hangin out w/ Jenny so much. but it was worth the lack of sleep!