02/01/06 – Tour Update – Louisville KY

01/31/06 – Tour Update – Columbia / St. Louis MO
January 31, 2006
02/02/06 – Tour Update – Brentwood TN
February 2, 2006
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Today was show number 51… and I’m in a great mood.. the tour has been great, vacation is soon upon me, and so is seeing Jenny and hanging with some MI friends… Ashton’s friend Joseph came out today… this afternoon we did radio today at WFPK Louisville… and INCREDIBLE public radio station… Ash did “Dewdrops,” “Better Than I Know” and an interview, which directly contributed to the great crowd tonight at the in-store performance!

I came back to the hotel and talked with Jenny.. can’t wait to see her.   I recently reconnected with an old friend Chad Earle which was a cool surprise..

Tomorrow we’re in Nashville, then Birmingham, then back in Atlanta for the weekend til I go home on Monday!

We spent the wee hours of the morning watching Nick at Nite.. not sure if youp know this.. but at about 3am, they loop all of the shows they played earlier in the night…  so on a whim flipped on VH1… and actually watched some music videos… Train, Coldplay, Feist, Foo Fighters, Weezer, James Blunt, Nickelback(?), White Stripes, Eminem….  it was in this that we realized that James Blunt’s video for “Beautiful” is a ripoff of Coldplay’s video for “Yellow.”

anyway.. I’m rambling… okay… over and out!!