02/02/06 – Tour Update – Brentwood TN

02/01/06 – Tour Update – Louisville KY
February 1, 2006
02/03/06 – Tour Update – Hoover AL – Last show of the tour!
February 3, 2006
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So last night after I posted my blog.. I dumped a bucked of ice water on my bed… and since there was only one person on staff.. I had to flip the mattress and only use half my blankets.. sucked!

So we made way to TN after a late check out and rolled into Brentwood TN in the rain… a quiet show tonight but really nice staff… and our good friend Adrian came out.. we then went out to dinner with her at Cracker Barrel before making our way to Alabama… one more show left on the tour… then a much needed and deserved break…  r

I’ve grown a lot this month and last month in my self confidence… as I lost the weight last year, It was so quick and I was so busy on tour that I didn’t get a chance to get comfortable with myself… I finally feel like I’m coming into my own and my confidence is growing… I didn’t know yo ucould come of age at 26!  haha.. anways.. I’m very lucky to be where I am in life and to be happy and healthy!  Being thing is just icing on the cake…   Its hard to beliave where I was a year ago..

So I get some more down time in MI and between recording with Brian and hanging with my wonderful girlfriend, Jenny… I’d love to reconnect with some friends up there!  drop me a note!  I’m laying in my hotel bed in a Super 8 just outside of Birmingham AL… the last hotel of the tour!