02/03/06 – Tour Update – Hoover AL – Last show of the tour!

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02/02/06 – Tour Update – Brentwood TN
February 2, 2006
02/04/06 – Atlanta GA
February 4, 2006
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The last day of the tour… we stayed just north of Birmingham last night and decided to make the last day on tour relaxing… so we woke up, late check out style, and searched for either a Sun Trust OR Bank of America…. no dice…  so then we ventured down and found the B&N store to get our bearings…

It was decided we’d grab lunch/breakfast at our usual spot.. Cracker Barrel before taking in a movie..  we decided to go see Walk The Line… Incredible film.. the casting and story line had me so into this movie… Unfortunately it started at 4 and Ashton Played at 7… so we only caught the first 2 hours of the film… yet i was still satisfied.. We headed over to Barnes & Noble and set up…

On a whim, Ashton decided, for the last show, to play the entire Dewdrops album in sequence for his set tonight… how fun was that…  seeing Drive, The Worlds Fair and such make their way into the set list again.. It was a fun way to end the tour… but we smelled ‘home’  or Atlanta anyways… so we hopped in the Yukon and headed towards the ATL… in the pouring rain!

Though we are both spent.. we decided on a whim to head to the Dunwoody Tavern to meet up with Doug and Kiersten..  we yucked it up and chatted until the bar closed at 2… running on fumes, we made it back to the Alpharetta and filled up the car before getting to Doug’s, where I’m crashing tonight..

Hard to believe the tour was only 31 days long and we did and saw so much of the country…   some crazy facts…

31 days.
11 radio & tv interviews/performances
53 Barnes & Noble in-store performances
6,000 miles travelled.

Insane right?  I personally want to thank everybody at Barnes & Noble for making this an incredible experience for Ashton & Myself… The staff at each and every store went out of their way to make us feel right at home.. THANK YOU!  Also to the good people at Bose for sending us out with the PA and to our Livewire family for making it happen!

I fly home on monday for a month off with the fam and the girl… then back on the road…. I can’t wait to sleep!