02/04/06 – Atlanta GA

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02/03/06 – Tour Update – Hoover AL – Last show of the tour!
February 3, 2006
02/05/06 – Atlanta GA
February 5, 2006
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I woke up at 11am today… had to get to the bank to tie up some ends before i headed off to MI on Monday..  and I can’t believe the tour is OVER.. What a quick and crazy run… I had so much fun but am very ready for the down time..

Got back to Doug’s after the bank at 12:30 or so..  my good friend Lisa came and picked me up at 2:30.. we stopped into the Livewire office so I could drop off the P.A. We then ventured down to her place in Atlanta where I’m gonna set up camp for the rest of the weekend..  We stopped in at Super Target and did some shopping.. we were going to go do Buckhead to see a singer/songwriter who was actually not in town this weekend… but that worked out, as I suggested that I’d rather have some friends over and just hang at Lisa’s house… kinda presumptuous to suggest a get together at someone else’s place… oops!

But Rashon, Jenn, and Shelby came by and hung with Lisa, Nio, and I. It was a lot of fun.. I got to reconnect with Shelby and Rashon and such.. It was actually really cool as it was a day off from the one year anniversary of my friendship with Lisa, Jenn, and meeting Nio.

We had drinks, snacks, and playe Taboo..  we all had such a great time.. and an AWESOME way to spend my first night off…  we stayed up until 5:30am… I texted Jenny to tell her that “I’m just now going to bed.”  so i called her and woke her up too.. but I missed her.. so it was ok!

Tomorrow’s my last day in Atlanta then I head home to Michigan!