02/05/06 – Atlanta GA

02/04/06 – Atlanta GA
February 4, 2006
02/06/06 – Highland MI
February 6, 2006
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So I woke up at about noon to my friend Kathryn calling… yeah not enough sleep.. but she and her boyfriend took me out to Lunch at Cheesecake Factory.. I had my usual breakfast.. YUM!

We talked and hung out for 2 hours, and also stopped in Target.. they dropped me off at Lisa’s and I started finishing up the tour work.. I had a few hours of reciepts and computer work to do.. I actually missed most of the Superbowl… then flipped it over to MSNBC to watch the re-aired version of  their Billy Joel special.. I talked to Jenny again at midnite and ended up staying up until about 3am before finally crashing.. Tomorrow I am HOME for the month!! YES!

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