02/06/06 – Highland MI

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02/05/06 – Atlanta GA
February 5, 2006
02/07/06 – Highland MI
February 7, 2006
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I awoke at 5am.. groggy and excited.. Showered and packed my things… I woke Lisa out of her sleep so she could drop me off at MARTA… I hopped on just after 6am.

I timed it out perfectly… I got to the airport, checked in, went through security and walked right to the gate as they called ‘all rows’ and walked right on the plane… LOVE that.

Plane took off at 8:20am… it’s a 90 minute flight..  Airtran has XM radio on their flights which was way cool…  I know Ashton is getting airplay on 2 different XM stations so I listened for him, no dice.

The plane landed at about 9:50.. walked out and Jenny was there waiting… it was the best way to come home… we had a long, romantic airport hug and kiss before walking to her car, arm in arm… We drove around, holding hands and talking, decided to head to White Lake for breakfast at Dave’s Coney Island.

I then took her on a little trek to my old neighborhoods.. first.. Bogie Lake Estates, where I lived from 1992 until 2000. This neighborhood was SO foreign..  I had not been in the neighborhood since I moved to Orlando FL in February 2000… It had been 6 years! I knew I’d lived in that house before… and for 7 years.. but man.. It and everything around it was so different!

We then ventured over to Village Acres and to my first house (1979-1992) that brought back the most memories of old friends.. I loved that neighborhood and all my friends I grew up with.

We then headed back to the house in Highland and hung out during the day… Mom came home and made us a great Chicken and Mashed Potatoes dinner.

Jenny and I were both so tuckered out that we passed out at about 8:30-9pm..  I woke up at midnight and did a bit of editing on a Billy Joel DVD I was making.. but I was back asleep by 2:30.  It was so wonderful spending the day and night with Jenny.