02/07/06 – Highland MI

02/06/06 – Highland MI
February 6, 2006
02/08/06 – Highland MI
February 8, 2006
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Jen had to work today.. so we got up at 5:10am and she headed home.. and I, back to bed… I woke up at about 11am and ran down to Best Buy for some things, then back home where I worked, catching up on Ashton Allen business and updating the websites/myspace.. I spent all day importing a 6 hour VHS tape of rare Billy Joel TV clips into my computer and making 3 dvds out of it… tomorrow I’m making DVDs of some old commercially available Billy Joel VHS taps that were never on DVD…

I talked to Jenny a lot tonight and I miss her! I just love spending time with her 🙂  I also spent some time watching season 1 of Growing Pains.. ahh that takes me back!  Anyway.. Its 4:16am and the 3rd Billy Joel DVD of the night is now rendering then Burning… so I’m going to bed!!