02/04/07 – Recording the CD (Day 1)

01/30/07 – the Brian Vander Ark video shoot!
January 30, 2007
02/10/07 – Recording the CD (Day 2) – Drum Tracks
February 10, 2007
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So this OFFICIALLY begins the process of recording my band’s first E.P.

Headed down to Belleville at 10am in the -3 temperature.  Musicians rehearsing at 11am on a Sunday?  yep.. that’s how we roll.

So the mission was to start recording our E.P.  We started out with recording scratch tracks (guitar / vocals) to the “Phil” songs as we put it. and then did about a 2 hour practice before laying down the scratch tracks to Carly’s tunes.

Saturday I have about a 5 hour recording session for recording my drum tracks… so this week I will be pounding the songs into my head and plotting out arrangements to be prepared.

Stay tuned for more studio updates and tracks as we finish the recordings!