02/10/07 – Recording the CD (Day 2) – Drum Tracks

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02/04/07 – Recording the CD (Day 1)
February 4, 2007
March 6, 2007
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I woke up at 9am ready to record… Had to take care of some errands before Chris came over.

Chris DuRoss (my bass player & our engineer) came over a bit after 11 and we got things rolling.

We spent a few hours doing setup and getting drum sounds before we started. I’m so excited to move things forward recording our album.

The first song up was “Summer” which is one of Carly’s up-tempo pop/rock songs.. It is the most tiring, so I wanted to get it out of the way.

Next was “Room For Two” which needed some arrangement work.. Chris really helped produce me through the arrangements and we came up with some great takes. (see the video below for a short clip)

Dinner time.. I needed to rest my hands and refuel.  Jenny, Chris, & I got some Highland House pizza.  After a nice break it was back to the studio.

We tackled one of my songs, “Letting Go” which is now in the band and will be on our album! I recorded a scratch vocal and guitar track before laying down my drum tracks.  3 down.. and happy with everything so far.

“Less Than This” was last on the list for today.  Great rock tune from Phil and very fun to play. Once we finished that.. We attempted to tackle another rough track for another of Carly’s tunes… But after 5+ hours of drumming.. I was done!

So 4 drum tracks are in the bag and feeling great… The record is really starting to take shape… Stay tuned as I will update things as we record and get this album ready.  Things are really coming together.