03/01/06 – Highland, MI – Recovery DAY 2!

02/28/06 – Highland, MI – Recovery DAY 1!
February 28, 2006
03/02/06 – Highland, MI – Recovery DAY 3!
March 2, 2006
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I’m crabby as hell… I slept 4 hours last night, hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable… i spent the day sitting here watchin TV….   the news, Mr. Rodgers, Mr. Dressup, Cosby Show, all that fun stuff… I’m just glad that Jenny is coming over tonight… she got here about 8pm and we relaxed… I’m a little more mellowed out tonight now that she’s here which is nice… She crashed out just before midnight and I, of course have about 2 more hours in me… I can’t wait to sleep though!