03/03/06 – Highland, MI – Recovery DAY 4!

03/02/06 – Highland, MI – Recovery DAY 3!
March 2, 2006
03/04/06 – Highland, MI – Recovery DAY 5!
March 4, 2006
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Today I’m better a bit… but so stir-crazy.. I’m not walking a ton.. not until I get clearance from the Dr.

I talked with Ashton a lot as well as the label… Starting to feel more human… but I have barely slep at all so I am a wreck.. I took a 40 minute nap mid-day.. Jenny arrived at 5:30 for the weekend.. YES!

We talked and held hands.. me in the chair, her on the couch… so romantic!

We decided to stay up late to watch Nick At Nite…Tonight they were airing the last 3 episodes ever of Roseanne plus the very first episode… She handn’t seen the final episode.. It was so well done and moving, in my opinion.

It took me forever to get comfortable tonight but we finally fell asleep around 3am… meeting up with the Doctor tomorrow… hopefully good things!