03/04/06 – Highland, MI – Recovery DAY 5!

03/03/06 – Highland, MI – Recovery DAY 4!
March 3, 2006
03/05/06 – Highland, MI – Recovery DAY 6!
March 5, 2006
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Today was a huge recovery boost for me.. Jenny & I woke up at about 11am.. I showered and she took me to the Dr.

Dr. Karaca was very happy with the progress, and even removed my two drains!  Also said that though I can’t drive yet, I can now walk straight and normally…   so not only do I no longer have the discomfort of drains in my pelvic area.. but I can walk upright and not kill my back!

So Jenny and I went and had breakfast out at Bob Evans.. my first time eating out since surgery!  Then back home where we relocated my ‘recovery area’ upstairs to my bedroom… now walking and being able to lay down and sit MUCH more with ease and comfort, it put a big boost in my mood!

We sat up and played Yahtzee for a while and watched some old Saved By The Bell.. we then ventured downstairs to eat and talk with my mom.. Jenny’s now doing homework as I’m typing this… I’m in good spirits and feeling much better… but I’m still pretty sore.. and I’m tired from doing a lot of activity (for just having surgery 5 days ago)  so it’s time for me to relax!