03/07/06 – Highland, MI – Recovery DAY 8!

03/06/06 – Highland, MI – Recovery DAY 7!
March 6, 2006
03/09/06 – Highland, MI
March 9, 2006
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Woke up early for me (9am).. so that pissed me off!  I started catching up on life, paying some bills and such.. Today I’m finally feeling a bit more like ME… so… in the spirit of feeling better.. I ran two errands and drove…

A family friend of ours, Gail, gave me $20 to spend on something fun to help pass the time while recovering… so I ran to Best Buy and picked up Season 2 of The Cosby Show.  I then realized that I didn’t also apply for a Debit Card when I opened my new checking account, so I ran to the Credit Union to do just that.. The driving was fine.. but I was tired so headed home and relaxed and worked on e-mails.

I watched some Three’s Company today and started getting a tad tired…  Jenny came over and stayed tonight. It’s so great just spending time with her…  We talked for a few hours and she fell asleep while we were watching The Cosby Show… It was a good day..  I’m feeling more like myself.. but still need to remember to take it easy!