03/09/06 – Highland, MI

03/07/06 – Highland, MI – Recovery DAY 8!
March 7, 2006
03/10/06 – Highland, MI
March 10, 2006
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I was up by 10am.. WTF?  I have to rebook my flight.. our tour is starting on March 23rd so I need to now fly to Atlanta on March 21st…

the company i used to book the flight ( onetravel.com ) or something… wanted at least $125 to change my flight…. where i could buy a one way ticket from airtran for a total of $100  so i had to end up doing that…  stressed that I don’t have that money… I booked it!

I drove up to the Flint airport to do it in hopes to try for a better resolution… no dice!

I came back home and started booking more… Its stressful… I got sick today too, which, due to my tummy tuck, was VERY painful.. but I’m ok.

I talked to Jenny for 2.5 hours tonight…  I hope she didn’t feel i was disconnected or uninterested in the conversation because i was not… i’ve just been stressed today.. and i tend to get quiet and disconnect from myself when i stress out..   but it was so great talking to her.. the more i get to talk with her the more i learn and love her.. she’s amazing.

I’m spending the weekend with her… i cannot WAIT to pull up to her house tomorrow afternoon!!  it will be wonderful.

I’m now sending out some e-mails and winding down with some Cosby Show.. I want to get a solid sleep tonight.