03/11/06 – Madison Heights, MI

03/10/06 – Highland, MI
March 10, 2006
03/12/06 – Madison Heights, MI
March 12, 2006
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We spent the day driving around.. it was really nice today.. Had an ihop breakfast and went to a few flea markets… and just enjoyed the afternoon… Jenny and I headed home and she made  wonderful bbq chicken dinner! it was yummy.. we then headed down to the video store and to meijer… we picked up some movies and headed home…  we headed down to the basement and watched “Out Of Sight” a really good Detroit-based flick starring George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez… we could only find it to rent on VHS so we watched it in the basement.

Jenny fell asleep a bit into the movie.. past her bedtime, so we headed up to bed just after midnite…  i did some work before heading to bed myself.  i was feeling dizzy and weak this afternoon so it was nice to wind down to a quiet night.