03/12/06 – Madison Heights, MI

03/11/06 – Madison Heights, MI
March 11, 2006
03/13/06 – Highland, MI
March 13, 2006
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We went to a little breakfast place up the road called “The Breakfast Club.”  it tasted good but did NOT agree with me, so it made me crabby!

we headed home and watched the rest of “Out of Sight” and hung out a bit.. I did some work while she organized her room…

We decided to be adventurous and have Chinese Food for dinner… as you know its hard to find food that agrees with me.

I ordered Sweet & Sour Chicken.. and you’d think it’d be hard.. but it was so good and was able to eat a decent amount… we watched “The Interpreter” while we ate.. it was a great flick and a great dinner with an incredible woman.. what a way to spend Sunday Night..  we watched Grey’s Anatomy.. then headed to bed.. i watched nick at nite and the weather channel… tracking the chance of severe storms as they headed into town..