03/13/06 – Highland, MI

03/12/06 – Madison Heights, MI
March 12, 2006
03/14/06 – Highland, MI
March 14, 2006
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I had a Dr. appointment at 2:45 w/ Dr. Karaca… so I stayed at Jenny’s house until about 1:45pm.. My belly button is slow to heal, the Dr. says I just need to keep it clean..  but the main incision (hip to hip) is healed over and looks GREAT… I can’t believe it!

I headed home and did a few hours of work and then Jenny came over… I was in a not so good mood.. but she cheered me up great!

We ran to the drug store then grocery.. then headed home..  I’m doing some more work now as Jenny is asleep..  I’m going to miss her SO much when I go back on tour in 8 days!

its nearing 2:30am and I’m gonna get some sleep.. a busy day ahead tomorrow… and the bed is looking so inviting!