03/17/06 – Highland, MI

03/16/06 – Highland, MI
March 16, 2006
03/18/06 – Highland, MI
March 18, 2006
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I woke up about 10 minutes before I had to run out the door to the dentist..  I only slept 4 hours last night… not good! It was a consultation about some dental reconstruction I’m looking into.

I then had Brian Kuzma stop by to hang out.. and just when I got home, my retirement fund check from Sony BMG came in (YES!) so I rushed out to the bank to deposit it by 1pm… Since the credit union was near Brian’s house.. we decided to hang there…. so he drove out to Highland for nothing! (sorry dude!)  We spent 2 hours listening to music on the ole iPod and I got to introduce you to his music which was a blast.

I headed home and stopped off to get some food at the Coney Island and picked up a movie (“Goodnight & Good Luck”) and did some more e-mailing and packing.

Talked with Ashton and got a game plan in order.. I turned my ringer off… I’m sleeping in tomorrow!