03/18/06 – Highland, MI

03/17/06 – Highland, MI
March 17, 2006
03/19/06 – Madison Heights, MI
March 19, 2006
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I slept in today which was so nice… I got up and did some more work and emailing…  I also worked on making some Billy Joel DVDs for the road.

My good friend Heather (who lives in Vermont) called me today.. I’m going to be in her wedding this July.  Well she was on her way home today and heard Ashton Allen’s “Dewdrops” on the radio there! She told me how the DJ went on to plug and talk about Ashton & the album… WAY cool!

At about 6pm we went over to hang and have pizza with my Uncle George & Aunt Melani. When we pulled up, my cousin Audrey’s car was there which was a cool surprise.   Well it turns out that she was mugged & assaulted (she’s okay though) in Lansing on thursday and her purse, money, checkbook, etc.. all was stolen… she was obviously shaken and made for a bad week… so it was really cool to hang out with her… I’m really glad she’s okay though.

So we all had some pizza and talked, then ventured down to their basement to watch some NCAA basketball and play ping pong… It was a lot of fun, and I kicked some ass! haha

Came back home around 10:30 and talked to Jenny for a bit, then made some dinner/breakfast.  I pick up Jenny tomorrow from her trip… she’s been sick down there, so she didn’t get to enjoy her trip as much as she should have.. but I still can’t wait to see her.

Watched some Nick At Nite and Billy Joel while I talked to some friends and such… I leave in just 2.5 days for the tour!