03/20/06 – Highland, MI

03/19/06 – Madison Heights, MI
March 19, 2006
03/21/06 – Tour Update – Alpharetta GA (travel/tour prep)
March 21, 2006
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I left Jenny’s at about noon and headed to my surgeon’s office in Bloomfield Hills.  The incision is looking great but the belly button is still taking some time to heal…

I then headed home where I met up with Brian and we hung out for a few hours talking and listening to music.

Jenny Came over around 5 or 6 and we ran some errands at Target then down to Brighton for some Best Buy and dinner…. but “Highland House” was really sounding good, so we turned around and headed to Highland House for their amazing breadsticks and food.  We sat and ate and talked for an hour or more and closed the place down before heading home..

We sat and talked with my mom for a bit before heading upstairs to pack.

I’m leaving to go on tour w/ Ashton Allen again tomorrow… so it’s a flood of emotions… excited for the tour, stressed about booking, sad to leave Jenny as I go on the road… but I know it will be a great time with Ashton again on tour…

We went to Meijer around midnight and picked up some last minute things for the tour… finally crashed at about 4am… tomorrow is a busy day!