03/25/06 – Tour Update – Johnson City TN

03/24/06 – Tour Update – Asheville NC
March 24, 2006
03/26/06 – Tour Update – Alpharetta GA (day off)
March 26, 2006
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We had to be checked out of the hotel by 11am today… and only had 18 miles to go until Johnson City… so we rolled into town and had breakfast at Perkins.. not too great.

We were debating seeing a movie… but nothing was looking good at all… so we found a cool coffee shop called Cow & Coffee which had free WiFi..  there we set up camp for a good 3 hours and just did some work.

We got to the club around 6:10pm where RobinElla and crew were working on sound check.. Ashton played at 8:30 tonight to a great sold-out crowd!

Marlise from the label surprised us and came up to the show which was cool.

for both Ashton & RobinElla.. I’d say this was the best night of our little 3-day tour.  AWESOME crowd and great people.

We wrapped things up just before midnight and said our goodbyes and photos and took off to Atlanta…. It’s about a 4 – 4.5 hour drive… so It’s gonna be a late night.

We listened to some music and talked of the tour before I passed out (somewhere between Greenville and Atlanta).. I woke up with about 40 minutes left of the trek..  We rolled into Alpharetta at 4:30am.. Doug was passed out on the couch…  I was beat… I pulled out the sofa bed and CRASHED!