04/04/06 – Tour Update – Wilmington, NC

04/03/06 – Tour Update – Charlotte, NC
April 3, 2006
04/05/06 – Tour Update – Charlottesville, VA
April 5, 2006
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We are playing this great venue tonight….  We first rolled into Wilmington around 3pm for an on-air radio interview on 106.7 the Penguin… Ashton performed “Counting The Cost” and “Supernatural” live on the air.

Tonight’s show was at the Soapbox Laundry Lounge… which was perhaps one of the most cool and unique veunes I have ever seen… Laundro Mat, and like 4 different live venues.

Intimate room and crowd tonight but nice.. However forever on our mind was the LONG drive we had to take tonight… We’re playing at La Taza Coffeehouse in Charlottesville Virginia at NOON tomorrow… and we have about 350 miles to get there…  We didn’t get out of the Soapbox until 1am… and had about a 5.5 hour drive ahead of us… We rolled into Charlottesville at about 6:30am and checked into the Holiday Inn… and got to bed JUST before sunrise..