04/05/06 – Tour Update – Charlottesville, VA

04/04/06 – Tour Update – Wilmington, NC
April 4, 2006
04/06/06 – Tour Update – Virginia Beach, VA
April 6, 2006
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We had to get up at 10:30am so managed about 3.5 hours sleep… SO not enough… but we got up and headed over to La Taza Coffeehouse.

a very cool coffeehouse near historic downtown Charlottesville.

Ashton played a marathon 2.5 hour set and it went great…

We were done for the day by 3pm… so ran to the post office then to the hotel…. Ashton fell asleep before 5 and I was in a semi-awake daze until he got up at 11… I talked to Jenny for a while tonight… I’m so excited to see her..   Ashton was now awake and `we needed food… so we piled in the car and headed to the Waffle House… Got back to the hotel and faxed Marlise some soundscan forms and updated the website..

its nearly 4am and I have only slept 3.5 hours in the last 42 hours.. I’m fading fast… I should have been asleep hours ago..