04/07/06 – Tour Update – New York, NY

04/06/06 – Tour Update – Virginia Beach, VA
April 6, 2006
04/08/06 – Tour Update – Philadelphia, PA
April 8, 2006
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We made it until just about Delaware when we exhausted our energy.. so we pulled into a Motel 6 at about 5am…  didn’t touch our lap tops or even the TV remote…

We awoke at noon and grabbed breakfast at the Cracker Barrel before hitting the road…  We got into Manhatten at about 5pm and the city was buzzing as always..

It always feels surreal when we play New York on tour… especially this time as we’re not even staying in the city…

The show tonight was at an awesome club at 34th and Madison called Coda.. Great room and staff..  We had some friends come out including good friend and former Big Sky tour manager Elizabeth Deese… so great to see her.

Also was my friend and former Sony Music co-worker Kris Gould… I hadn’t seen her in 3 years now!

We then met with some folks in the city and grabbed a late dinner and just talked and hung out in NYC until about midnight or so…. We have 1pm radio tomorrow in Teaneck NJ… so we ventured over to South Hackensack NJ (where we had stayed before on the Barnes & Noble tour)..   Only this time… the super 8 was totally disgusting….

you can read more of it in Ashton’s blog HERE