04/08/06 – Tour Update – Philadelphia, PA

04/07/06 – Tour Update – New York, NY
April 7, 2006
04/09/06 – Tour Update – W. Reading, PA
April 9, 2006
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Did a nice radio interview/performance in Teaneck NJ which was a lot of fun..

Ashton played “Something To Say,” “Pretty Pink Rose,” and a little segment of “All Over.”

Then off to Philly where we had a moment of down time before we loaded into the club…   So a nice little pedicure and manicure shall get the job done.. first time I’ve ever had that… and it was actually really good… it’s quite good for the hands and feet.

So the show was uneventful at The Fire.. it was a 5 band bill but I was able to settle up right after his set and we split… hung out with a few friends until midnight when we were about to fall over…. We hit the Dunkin’ Donuts where we got the most stale donuts ever and hit the road for Reading…  As we left the D&D, Billy Joel’s “Scenes From An Italian Restaurant” came on the air, which I have NEVER heard on the radio… so I found the station in the car and enjoyed that first…. also heard “She’s Got A Way” while searching for the station that had “Scenes”

Got to Reading around 3am… did a little bit of work but I needed the sleep… late check out tomorrow.. YESS!!