04/11/06 – Tour Update – Martha’s Vineyard, MA
April 11, 2006
04/12/06 – Tour Update – Boston, MA
April 12, 2006
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I can not believe that it has officially been ONE YEAR since I had my gastric bypass surgery…

Since then, I have lost 155 pounds, 14 inches on my waist, and a lot of self esteem issues.

Today, I stand here, 170 pounds, happier and healther than I have been in a long long time.

I’m so thankful to have had a new lease on life and the will to make a change…. I still struggle with some of the ‘overweight’ issues I had… but that’s okay…. I’m MUCH more happy than I am not.

So much has happened since one year ago…. Ashton Allen signed a record deal with Livewire Recordings. I was hired as Ashton’s tour manager, I moved back to MI, and have lost 155 pounds..

I still have a hard time realizing how much I have changed… but every now and then it hits me and It makes me proud and humbled.

Thanks to God, my family for every ounce of support and help they have given me, Ashton for his faith and patience in me as a friend, and as an employee, and to the love of my life, Jenny, for teaching me to love again, and to every friend who has been such an incredible suport system to me.

I am fo6rever a work in progress… But damn happy with the project at hand…    Over and out!