04/12/06 – Tour Update – Boston, MA

April 12, 2006
04/13/06 – Tour Update – Johnson, VT (day off)
April 13, 2006
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My first time in Boston was brief.. we rolled into town and hit up the FedEx Kinko’s to make some copies we had to send out to the record label (receipts and such)…  then off to the bank, which was right near Berklee College of Music.

We hit an early dinner @ Boston Market befofe heading to U Mass Boston for a radio performance & interview that went GREAT.  thanks to everybody there for making us welcome.

We then headed off to the club, but hung out and relaxed for a bit beforehand…. we had a show with Miss Tess who was a cross between RobinElla and the Squirrel Nut Zippers… a lot of fun..

Today was mainly filled with reflection for me… Still amazed at how far I’ve come this year… it has been a big year for physical and mental change and growth… I’m so proud and humbled to have come this far..

Here’s to my one year anniversary…  I’ve already gotten so many heart-felt messages from a lot of you… thank you so much and i WILL get back to you as soon as I can… but alas it is 5:19 am and i need sleep  ASAP… by the way… I’m typing this from the Hampton Inn in Bow New Hampshire!