04/17/06 – Tour Update – Pittsburgh, PA

04/16/06 – Tour Update – Travel Day
April 16, 2006
04/18/06 – Tour Update – Indianapolis, IN
April 18, 2006
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We woke up and ran an errand or two before heading towards WYEP… an INCREDIBLE radio station in Pittsburgh whom have been big champions of Ashton’s music. We did an on-air interview and performance at about 3pm which was great promo for the show that night..

Ashton played an early show at Club Cafe which was a great room.. Peter, the sound engineer had it sounding one of the best on the tour.. such a nice treat.

Tomorrow We are in Indianapolis so we have a 350 mile trek… fortunately, since it was an early show… we hit the road…

Ate at Denny’s and then stopped for some Gas when the strangest thing happened…  Ashton didn’t see anything he wanted at the gas station mart… so after about 5 mins he headed out to the car… as we are about to pull away… the attendant.. an old man, comes running out and starts to pound on the driver’s side window… Ashton rolled down the window as this guy starts to accuse Ashton of stealing something…  he then insists that If Ashton indeed didn’t find anything, he would have told the clerk that on his way out…. since when is there a pre-requisite for leaving a store… we were fuming!

So drama aside we hit the road… and made our way to the Super 8 in Columbus Ohio.. the clerk there was great and gave us a great deal and late check out… gotta love that!