04/18/06 – Tour Update – Indianapolis, IN

04/17/06 – Tour Update – Pittsburgh, PA
April 17, 2006
04/19/06 – Tour Update – Muncie, IN
April 19, 2006
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We arrived at 5 or so… we’re playing Starbucks…. thinking it was going to be a sleepy night we set up and got ready…  well it turns out, there was about 20 people there specifically for Ashton’s show… some heard him on the radio, and some from Barnes & Noble… what a really cool surprise.. and it was easlily our best night on tour for merch.

VERY happy with the show, we headed to dinner @ Ruby Tuesday.  I was IMing with Jenny and funny enough while I was, they played a Matchbox 20 and Rob Thomas song.. whom she is a big fan of…

We met this guy and girl whom were sitting at the bar talking about music… I heard her talk about Marc Broussard and he about Blues Traveler… So Ashton & I struck up a conversation with them.. they were very cool for sure..  Always nice to make new friends out of the blue like that.

We’re staying in Muncie tonight which is nice.. another great deal on a hotel and late check out tomorrow.. SCORE!  okay it is now 5:01am… wake up call is in 7 hours and 29 minutes.. I’m going to bed!