05/20/06 – Tour Update – W. Reading, PA

05/19/06 – Tour Update – Camp Hill, PA
May 19, 2006
05/21/06 – Tour Update – Phoenixville, PA
May 21, 2006
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Today was a blast. Ashton was out playing golf with Lindsay’s mom so I had the afternoon free… It was a beautiful day so I walked around downtown Philadelphia for a few hours… went to the underground mall and to Old Navy to pick up some new jeans which i totally needed. I am now, get this….. (drum roll)  a 32 waist! That was a great feeling! I talked to Jenny whom I’m missing so much and who I see in just 2 days..   It was so energizing to walk around the city..  I walked over 2.5 miles today and it felt great.

Its crazy to think that we are starting to play venues 3 and 4 times since we started touring…. Hard Bean Underground is one of those venues… Ashton made his 3rd appearance since September at the West Reading PA club…  our friend and promoter Frank Phobia has been always great to Ashton & I.  He and his wife just had their baby last Friday so he has beena bit pre-occupied understandably…  We had a great show and a turn out of about 50 kids…   I get my sound guy chops going well here…  Tonight I was again the sound guy for all 3 bands… I dont mind making a few extra bucks.

We had dinner @ the W. Reading Diner… Ashton was super indecisive about what to eat… and we both ended up with food we didn’t really like… which is odd as we ate there back in April and loved it.

I’m pretty beat…  Last show of the May tour tomorrow!