05/26/06 – Grand Rapids, MI

05/25/06 – Highland, MI
May 25, 2006
05/27/06 – Madison Heights, MI
May 27, 2006
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We left Highland about 1pm or so to head to Grand Rapids… We walked around the river’s edge for a few hours which was so nice… We then headed over to Logan’s Roadhouse for dinner before heading to Ten Bells.

Tonight we drove to Grand Rapids to see the farewell show of Ivory Wire (former members of Dovetail Joint)..  They were a great live band, and sad I only did see them one time…  also on the bill was a great Chicago band I just discovered that night called AbsentStar as well as Michigan favorites The Hard Lessons.

We were so tired that we missed The Hard Lessons… good thing we left as I was WAY tired by the time we got back to Highland at 2:15am….  It was a really fun day trip though!

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