06/01/06 – Tour Update – Travel to Philly, Hospital Stay..

05/31/06 – Highland, MI
May 31, 2006
06/02/06 – Tour Update – Philadelphia, PA (in the hospital)
June 2, 2006
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I woke up at 6am and was out the door just after 7 as my dad drove me to the airport…  he had to drop me off early as he had to work..   so I was at the airpor from 8am-11:50am where my flight from Detroit took off…  my layover was in ATLANTA which sucked…. so i arrived in ATL at 1:45 and waited until my flight to philly which did not leave until 6:30 (was supposed to leave at 5:30).

So in the 5 hours I had to sit at the airport, I noticed my pain was not going away…. and broke my glasses at some point (lost a screw and it fell apart)…

I finally get to Philly at 9:15pm where Ashton picks me up and we head to Lindsey’s… we got a slice a pizza and headed to her house… as I’m laying down I just knew I had to get this checked out…  So Ashton took me to the hospital in Philadelphia and we waited and waited in the ER… after an hour and a half I was taken back… they were busy with many babies being born and what not…. so i sat there for a LONG time laying on this stretcher… it was VERY surreal… in this semi private ER room… Ashton finally came back and hung with me.. man he’s a trooper.

I had fluids and morphine going thru me (for pain)…  they felt something not right in my liver / pancreas area  so they ordered a ultra sound (which wasn’t until about 8am)… so i layed (half-awake) from 3am until 8am…