06/02/06 – Tour Update – Philadelphia, PA (in the hospital)

06/01/06 – Tour Update – Travel to Philly, Hospital Stay..
June 1, 2006
06/03/06 – Tour Update – Release from Hospital… Travel back to Detroit!
June 3, 2006
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So they do the ultra sound and some blood work and detrimne a few things…. Gallstones, Pancreatitis, and the enzymes in my liver are not at the levels they need to be..

So they want to admit me and take out my gall bladder… They admitted me to the hospital and I had a talk with the Dr’s and nurses and they agreed to release me on Saturday on two conditions…  1. if my tests improved at all on Saturday, and 2. if I made quick appointments to have my gall bladder removed.. I’m exhausted, sick, and worried…. not in the best mood, that’s for sure!