06/03/06 – Tour Update – Release from Hospital… Travel back to Detroit!

06/02/06 – Tour Update – Philadelphia, PA (in the hospital)
June 2, 2006
06/04/06 – Highland, MI
June 4, 2006
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I woke up at 7 and had the blood work at 9.. the pancreas is improving a bit… so they agreed to discharge me so I could have my surgery at home near my family. I was released at about 1:30-2pm, had a cab by 2:40pm and was on a plane to Detroit by 4pm…. We had some delay in the air and I landed about 6:40pm…

Jenny picked me up at 6:45 and I am dirty, tired, sore, and out of it… barely any sleep the past few nights and now knowing I need to get my gall bladder out in a few days… I’m stressed.

So anyways… I am okay and home resting in MI until I can get my surgery (tuesday AM likely)… feel free to drop me a note to say hello and check in with me… but i wanted to fill my friends in!

I will be missing at least the first 4 nights of the tour…  I’ll keep everybody posted to how I’m doing… we will see what the doc says monday!

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