06/09/06 – Highland, MI

06/08/06 – Pontiac, MI (SURGERY)
June 8, 2006
06/10/06 – Highland, MI
June 10, 2006
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Day 1 of recovery… last night I passed out from about 10pm until midnite and then spent midnite until 6am struggling to sleep.  I’m very sore, but happy to be home, having this outpatient surgery.

I got a hold of the hospital in Philly and they STILL haven’t sent my phone charger… BASTARDS.  I also spent another 40 minutes on the phone arguing with Hewlett Packard.

I got a VERY cool surprise in the mail today…  I decided to mull around outside the house to get my blood moving.. and as soon as I stepped outside, UPS arrived with a box from Sony BMG Music which I was NOT expecting.

I got a really nice package from my friend and former Sony co-worker, Diane… Inside were some Billy Joel album flats and a copy of the BRAND NEW “Billy Joel – 12 Gardens LIVE” which does not come out until Tuesday!! a note to ‘feel better soon.’  such a sweet surprise, and being the Billy Joel fan I am, it made my day..

Ashton played in Mt. Clemens today and I spent the day relaxing and just sticking home and trying to feel better.. Jenny came over at about 10pm and we crashed out early…