06/10/06 – Highland, MI

06/09/06 – Highland, MI
June 9, 2006
06/11/06 – Highland, MI
June 11, 2006
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I slept in until about noon and Jenny and I had a pancake breakfast… Still soreness abound but I’m feeling better than yesterday.

at about 2-2:30, Ashton left for Chicago… I was really sad.. I’m really going to miss being on this leg of the tour with him… I will still be tour managing by remote from Michigan.. but it’s just not the same.

Jenny & I took a nap and relaxed a bit before grabbing dinner from Duke’s in Highland… We watched some Larry King Live and headed upstairs where we played some Scrabble… we felt the need to switch it up from Yahtzee.

Jenny is currently laying in my bed talking to her best friend Amy and I just finished doing some flyers and Ashton work.

I need to get some sleep… I’m starting to get some energy back… but I’m still getting tired pretty easily.. I got a message from a fan of Ashton’s who was at the Chicago show tonight… Ashton and he had talked about me having to leave the tour due to my surgery… way cool of the guy to drop me a note.  Bed is looking inviting and I need to rest.