06/11/06 – Highland, MI

06/10/06 – Highland, MI
June 10, 2006
06/12/06 – Highland, MI
June 12, 2006
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Feeling better yet today..  getting more back to myself which is good.. For dinner, I had a hankering for pizza…  so I suggested that Jenny and I got Circus Circus..

a little background on Circus Circus.

Growing up in White Lake / Union Lake Michigan… I had a  close nit group of friends in my neighborhood (some of whom are in my top 24).

One of whom is Nick Elliott.  His dad, Steve owned a local pizza place called Circus Circus…. growing up, easily the best pizza I’ve ever had….   so thinking of it brought back memories of great food and friends.

It looked just as it did in 1986 and tasted even better!

Jenny and I spent the night over pizza, scrabble, and Frasier…. am I a dork… YES and I don’t care!