06/12/06 – Highland, MI

06/11/06 – Highland, MI
June 11, 2006
06/13/06 – Highland, MI
June 13, 2006
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I spent today working and sending some e-mails… I talked to Ashton for a bit.. I miss being out on the road with him!

Jenny had a golf outing she was working for the Y today, she came over and we went to get dinner… pizza again..

got into Circus Circus and who was there, Steve Elliott (Nick’s dad and the owner) whom said ‘have an order?’ told him I did for ‘michael’ and he went to the back…. came back with the pizza and it hit him right away and he said  ‘i haven’t seen you since…’

It was so great to see him and we caught up for a bit… the Elliott’s were like a 2nd family for me growing up, Nick being one of my best friends..  so that prompted me to send a myspace message so we can meet up.

another relaxing evening at home doing some work and making a top 24 on my myspace here…  its nearly 2am… more tomorrow.