06/14/06 – Highland, MI

06/13/06 – Highland, MI
June 13, 2006
06/15/06 – Clarkston / Madison Heights, MI
June 15, 2006
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Today, a close family friend, Roger Malott, passed away..  I grew up with the Malott family and Roger was like a 2nd father to my sister and I.

I have a memory of 1999… I was in a mild car accident, but did some damage to the front end of my car…  normally I wouldn’t have minded so much, but I had just won tickets, the day before, to see The Verve Pipe in Kalamazoo MI that weekend… so my first thought was “can i drive the car to Kalamazoo?!?!?!?!”  my parents were out of town and told me “Take it over to the Malott’s house and have Roger take a look at it.

So I did, and he looked it over and secured the hood and said ‘enjoy the concert.’   He was a very caring, concerend, and great man..  He will be missed.