07/07/06 – Kalamazoo, MI (Knee Deep Shag show)

07/06/06 – Highland, MI
July 6, 2006
07/08/06 – Ferndale, MI (Brian Vander Ark show)
July 8, 2006
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I hung out at home and mowed Jenny’s lawn and was really excited to be heading to Kalamazoo..

Knee Deep Shag, the very first band I worked with has their reunion show tonight.

Jenny & I drove out to Kalamazoo and met the Knee Deep Shag guys at the club at about 8pm..  It was like 1999 all over again and so great to see them all again.. The club opened and it quickly filled up.

Jenny & I sold merch for KDS and got to unload a lot of it… I had such a great time and Knee Deep Shag was on top of their game and sounded as great as ever.

We started driving home and about 20 miles before Ann Arbor I got too tired to drive and Jenny took over..  We got home near 6am and crashed out.  Thanks so much to Matt, Mike, Jeff, Phil, and Rob for the great times!