08/11/06 – Highland, MI – Orlando, FL (Travel Day)

08/10/06 – Highland, MI
August 10, 2006
08/12/06 – Mount Dora, FL (Tour Rehearsal)
August 12, 2006
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Got up early and saw Jenny off… It’s always really hard to hug her and say goodbye when I leave for a tour… this time was no exception…

I finished taping up my CD tub and then made a Bagel and updated my store a bit before hopping in the shower.

I left for the airport at 11am.. with all the news hype, I was expecting a bunch of airport delays… however i was in, checked in, and thru security in 15 minutes… leaving me to sit at my gate and listen to my iPod for 2+ hours.

Flight took off and landed in Orlando just after 5 without a hitch… but annoyingly, it took 45 minutes for the bags to arrive at the baggage claim!

Ashton & Bret picked me up at 6 and we headed back to Mt. Dora where we’re staying and rehearsing the band.

Grabbed dinner and then headed back to the rehearsal house to hang out and watch a GREAT video about the making of U2’s “The Joshua Tree.”  Talked with the guys a bit and then headed to bed…. A crazy long day!  but I’m back out on the road and the tour starts in just a few days!

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