08/13/06 – Mount Dora, FL (Tour Rehearsal)

08/12/06 – Mount Dora, FL (Tour Rehearsal)
August 12, 2006
08/14/06 – Mount Dora, FL (Tour Rehearsal)
August 14, 2006
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Today was the first day I got to see the Ashton Allen band rehearse.

Ashton & I grabbed a quick breakfast at his parents house before heading next door to the rehearsal house.

The vibe was great and the band sank right in to the album and began the 4 hour rehearsal.. they are sounding great and bringing a whole new dynamic to Ashton’s material.  Check the tour dates on my page and PLEASE come out and see this show.. it will be one not to miss!

I’ve been off for the past 9 weeks so it’s taking some used to, getting back in the mindset of touring again, but I’m excited to hit the road.