08/14/06 – Mount Dora, FL (Tour Rehearsal)

08/13/06 – Mount Dora, FL (Tour Rehearsal)
August 13, 2006
08/15/06 – Mount Dora, FL (Tour Rehearsal)
August 15, 2006
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Our new t-shirts look incredible!

I’ll give you a sneak preview of one design…

You will have to wait until the tour date in your area to see the others… and YES we have a girlie shirt!

Rehearsal today went well and then worked on some shows before grabbing a pizza dinner with the crew.  Then called Jenny and spent a half hour or so talking with her and catching up on our days.

Went over to the band house and talked with Micah a bit and listened to some of his new tunes.  He is an incredible singer/songwriter in his own right.

I also talked w/ my good friend and Ashton’s Axe man Bret Hartley (both in my top 16).  I’m listening to Bret’s album “Sideman Blues” at the moment… some GREAT instrumental work.

Tomorrow is a busy day with more tour prep…  need sleep!