09/05/06 – Tour Update – Charlottesville, VA

09/04/06 – Tour Update – Richmond, VA (day off)
September 4, 2006
09/06/06 – Tour Update – State College, PA
September 6, 2006
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Got up around 10:30am and checked out of the hotel to pick Bret up… both Micah and Devin were meeting us at the club.  We made our way to Charlottesville from Richmond and had breakfast at Aunt Sarah’s Pancake house which was fun.

Checked into the ole Super 8 where we had stayed before and relaxed a bit before heading over to Gravity Lounge.  It was a small crowd but very into the show..  I screwed myself out of dinner tonight by not really having anything i could eat at the club and waiting until we got back to the hotel… everything was closed… so junk food it is… ugh!  We switched around the set list tonight which was a lot of fun and we had Micah (whose family was there) come up and sang a song too.

Ashton Allen band
September 5, 2006
Charlottesville, VA – Gravity Lounge

Counting The Cost
If You Leave
Every Hour Of The Day
Steven’s Song
Listen To The Rain
Something To Say
Pretty Pink Rose
The World’s Fair
Center Of The Universe
* Micah Berry solo song
Better Than I Know
Prodigal Son