09/19/06 – Tour Update – St. Louis, MO

09/18/06 – Tour Update – Chicago, IL
September 18, 2006
09/20/06 – Tour Update – Highland, MI (travel day)
September 20, 2006
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I woke up today feeling sick… I tend to get this in the fall when the temperature takes a turn for the cold… and it hit me this morning… Stuffy, scratchy throat, and feeling exhausted…  Devin gave me an Airborne to take, but it didn’t seem to do the trick… so I played a round or two of golf on the PS2 to take my mind off it… not working….

We picked Micah up at 9:45am in Chicago and Bret at about Noon in La Salle. Forged on another 4+ hours to St. Louis… passed by the arch again… looks incredible.

We pulled into Off Broadway at 5:30pm and loaded in.. such a great room!  I’m still not feeling well..  I talked with Jenny for quite a while today.. She’s been stressed with her new term of classes.  The band hit the stage at 9pm and we hit the road by 10:30..  Had about a 160 miles to drive after the gig.  We’re staying in Bloomington, IL.  but TOMORROW, I get to sleep AT HOME in Michigan.. I’m very excited about this!!  It’s nearly 3am and I am beat… off to bed I go!

Ashton Allen band
September 19, 2006
St. Louis, MO – Off Broadway

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