09/18/06 – Tour Update – Chicago, IL

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09/17/06 – Tour Update – Elgin / Schaumburg, IL (day off)
September 17, 2006
09/19/06 – Tour Update – St. Louis, MO
September 19, 2006
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Since we booked this Schubas show, I’ve been very much anticipating it. We shared the bill with two friends of mine who are both incredible… Brian Vander Ark (The Verve Pipe) and Peter Bradley Adams.

We got to the hotel in Chicago at 3pm and checked in.. about 5ish, we headed out towards Schubas. Peter saw us on the sidewalk and he and Devin ran to each other like a scene straight out of the movies… just kidding.. or am I?

Brian was inside the club restringing his guitar when we walked in.  His keyboardist, Randy Sly, as well as Larry (bassist) were mulling about. It was great to see some familiar friends… tonight’s gonna be fun.

Ashton did a great 30 minute solo set from 7:30 to 8pm.  I haven’t seen Ashton do a solo set in some time.. so it was quite cool to see. Peter followed shortly with a great set.

At about 9:25 or so, Brian hit the stage playing a 16 song set consisting mainly of tunes from his new record, “Angel, Put Your Face On” and classics from The Verve Pipe catalogue.  He put in two surprises that I LOVED… the hit single “Photograph” which he doesn’t play solo too often… and “Supergig” which I’ve only heard The Verve Pipe do live ONCE, if that.

The night was a blast and we wrapped things up by talking and what not.. Brian and the guys pulled away after we said goodbye… Bid farewell to Peter and Ashton, Devin, & I headed back to the hotel where I currently type this from.  I’m beat and we have to pick up Micah in a mere 8 hours… so this time.. I have BOTH Ashton & Brian Vander Ark’s set list from tonight… GREAT SHOW!  Thank you SO much to Peter Bradley Adams & Brian Vader Ark for letting us slide onto this bill!

Ashton Allen
September 18, 2006
Chicago, IL – Schubas

Counting The Cost
Pretty Pink Rose
Every Hour Of The Day
Better Than I Know
If You Leave


Brian Vander Ark
September 18, 2006
Chicago, IL – Schubas

Miles Away
Nothing But Time
I Don’t Want To Be A Bother
Too Good For This World
Based Upon The Way
Another Good Man
Reverend Girl
1229 Sheffield
A Trip To Omaha
The Freshmen
And Then You Went Away / (“Cup of Tea” refrain)