09/24/06 – My 27th Birthday

09/23/06 – Tour Update – Holland, MI (last show of tour)
September 23, 2006
09/25/06 – New Beginning
September 25, 2006
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The last show of the tour was last night… I slept in until about 11am… Today is my 27th Birthday… What a way to end a tour… with a Birthday at HOME and a Lions Game.

Had some breakfast and sat down to watch the Detroit Lion’s game with Bret at 1pm…  Relaxed on the couch for the next hour and a half.. it was GREAT.  They even played a Billy Joel tune during the game.

Jenny came over around 3pm and some family and family friends came by at around 4.   Ashton, Micah, Devin, and Bret joined me, Jenny, my parents, grandma, sister, Aunt Melanie, Uncle George, Cousin Audrey, and friends Dan and Gail.

It was a lot of fun and so nice to spend my birthday with many friends and family.

Wrapped up things at about 10pm and Jenny & I ran out to Wal Mart.

A great day and now… I catch up on 6 weeks of lost sleep!