09/25/06 – New Beginning

09/24/06 – My 27th Birthday
September 24, 2006
09/26/06 – This is not my cup of tea!
September 26, 2006
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I woke up at 7:30am to see Jenny off and quickly back asleep.  I woke back up a 9 as Ashton, Devin, Micah, and Bret were getting ready to head out of town.

I saw them off at 10pm.  Suddenly I’m totally by myself for the first time in 6 weeks.. It’s a STRANGE feeling… I ran some errands and did some grocery shopping and headed back home…  Spent the rest of the evening vegging out and putting away my DVD collection..  Watched Some “Coach: season 1”  It feels nice to do nothing… I’m starting to zone out.

After each tour I go through about 10 days of what I call “Post-Tour Depression” where I get into a funk… I think day 1 is starting to set in!