09/27/06 – You don’t want the breadsticks!

09/26/06 – This is not my cup of tea!
September 26, 2006
09/28/06 – Calling Marvin
September 28, 2006
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I got up at 10am to pick my grandma up.  I took her out to Pontiac to the Social Security office to take care of some things. Got home around 2pm and decided to stop in to the Walled Lake Central marching band.. I listened for a bit but didn’t see Dave (my friend and the band director).  So I made my way towards Madison Heights.

I hung out around the area for a few hours before heading to Warren to meet Jenny for dinner. We had dinner @ Buddy’s Pizza.  I got some chicken which was great… We were going to split an order of their breadsticks.. but our waitress said that what they had was old and so we opted not to get them.

Headed home and was jamming out to Vertical Hoizon’s “Go” album.  It is an incredible pop/rock album. I love singing the harmonies on the first few tracks from that record.

We got home and relaxed… Jenny fixed the sink and I ended up working on The Verve Pipe’s myspace until 3am where I said out loud “I gotta stop working, I’m gonna fall asleep.”  and that’s what I did.  It’s so great to be at my 2nd home!